Monthly Archives: March 2018

Singapore Laksa Potato Crisps Review by Amberlene Kok Su Jin

“Decided to give Snacky Crisps a shot after so many overated brands fall short of my picky tastebud. They have the best salted egg yolk blend which is rich in salted egg flavor with a good hint of curry leaves. Seasoning just nice with the right savour and slight sweetness. XXXXXX was my go to […]

Salted Egg Fish Skin Review by Theo De Roza

“Very nice snacks. The salted egg fish skin has the delicious mix of crispiness, taste that’s not too overwhelming, and creamy goodness in every bite! Enjoyed their Singapore Laksa Potato Chips too! Highly recommended to anyone craving for good salted egg fish skin snacks. The boss is also nice and friendly, and gives good service. […]

Salted Egg Fish Skin Review by Ee Yuan Sheng

“Very good quality product well coated compare to their compeititor XXXXXX and cheaper than them! Love the chili padi bits inside brings some kick to fish skin.” By Ee Yuan Sheng on Facebook Editor’s note: We’ve replaced the brand mentioned in the original review with XXXXXX.